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  1. What is bdayspins all about and how does it work?

    Bdayspins offers a content or video sharing platform. We help to give value to your birthday events. "We don't just give a gift, we celebrate you"

    @ Bdayspins, we create an appealing monthly birthday events that focuses on a unique birthday celebrations for singles,families and celebrities seeking a unique and pleasurable birthday events.

    Admittance in the show is strictly by membership. You must be18 years or above to join. Bdayspins club members with most popular videos or content each month win a Btag (Birthday Treats Access Gate-Card)- offering excellent value on your birthday and are automatically enlisted for a chance to spin your wheel of fabulous birthday presents.

    This will be accomplished through series of special fun packed competitive entertainment activities to determine the winners & the presents thereof. In doing this, Birthdayspins aim to provide the visitors and participants in the show with quality entertainment in an enjoyable atmosphere that offers a great opportunity for social interaction with dancing, games & live music. Birthdayspins parties will be accessible and affordable, offering a unique and appealing entertainment for all visitors.

    Find us on Facebook: @ facebook.com/bdayspins to like us or

    Join us for FREE @ www.bdayspins.com

    Rich media content.

    With our Innovative chat platform you get connected to multiple networks like  - facebook, Myspace,Yahoo and more, all in a single interface so you don't miss your friends online.

    In addition, with our award winning video sharing plafform you can download any video of your choice directly form our affiliate YOUTUBE channel or upload personal videos, record instant webcam videos - share on facebook, twitter or by email.

    Our music podcast, allows you to upload audio music files directly from your computer or playlist in mp3 format  Birthdayspins is uniquely aimed at making members birthday celebrations pleasurable & memorable as never before.

  2. What and when do I need to become a member?

    Alll you need to become a member is simply a valid email address.  You can become a meember at anytime and from any location.. To become a member, simply click here. Please follow all instructions carefully and hit "create my account" button when prompted.

  3. When & what do I need to notify my interest to appear on the TV show?

    All Btag winners are invited to our monthly birthday events during which time you can attend with your friends and/or family members. To qualify, you must be a registered member of Birthdayspins. For more details about the proceedures, please feel free to contact us.

  4. Do I need to pay to appear on the birthdayspins TV show to celebrate my birthday?

    No, you don't need to pay in order to celebrate with us. And you can come with friends & family to our birthday event parties. However, only members who have won a Btag will be contestants on the show for a chance to spin their wheel of fabulous presents .

  5. Can I attend Birthdayspins event when I am not a Btag winner on the month of my birthday?

    Sure, Everyone is welcome to our events. However, only the invited Btag winners are valid contestants on the show. The birthdayspins TV show is hosted on monthly basis.

  6. How do I upload more pictures on my profile?

    To upload more pictures to your profile, simply click on the Photo gallery on the navigation menu and follow the instructions. You can add as much pictures as you like and delete or edit them as desired.

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