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Birthdayspins was established mid 2010, a service provided by Stitch Services, registered in the Rep of  Ireland with our operating head quarters in the heart of Dublin at : Suite 238, Capel building, Mary''s  Abbey street. D 7. Rep of Ireland . Observing our birthdays is one of the wonderful ways of celebrating a new beginning of our precious lives. Our mission is to create a compelling social networking platform where users interact, blog, exchange files, pictures and videos while having fun socialising.

Our main objective is to create a popular TV show that focuses on birthday events for singles, families and celebrities. Our primary focus is on family entertainment and the drive to creating a chance for participants in the show to spin their wheel of fabulous birthday presents. This will be accomplished through series of special competitive entertainment activities to determine the winners & the prizes thereof.

In doing this, Birthdayspins aim to provide the visitors and participants in the show with quality entertainment in an enjoyable and pleasant atmosphere. To provide excellent venue that offers a great opportunity for social interaction with dancing, games and meeting new friends. Birthdayspins centres will be an accessible and affordable venue - offering a unique entertainment for all visitors.


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